BMW Audit – The Audit Hub of the Wide Bay Area

Choosing a auditor can be hard and confronting, let’s face it governance or legislation says you have to have one.  
At BMW we partner and work with our clients so they can gain valuable knowledge and confidence as part of our audit process. Yes, your Assurance and Audit needs are met but we also work with your people to improve systems and performance adding value to your Audit



Clubs & Associations



Not for Profit

School P & C Associations


Trust Accounts, Solicitors, Real Estate Agents


Performance Engagements


Compliance Engagements


Building Service Authority Audits & independent Review Reports


Special purpose / other audits

Australian International Financial Reporting Standards (AIFRS) assistance

Financial Statements

Regulatory audits – eg. Super Trustees? Administrations, APRA, ASIC etc

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