Retirement Planning

Today, people are retiring earlier and living longer. It is therefore important to have enough capital to reliably generate your required income for your entire retirement.


Superannuation is a lifetime investment and can dramatically change the outcome of your retirement. Superannuation can help you to tax effectively save money to build a retirement nest egg.

We can review your superannuation to help you achieve your retirement goals. We can also advise you on salary sacrifice, contributions strategies, superannuation consolidation and self managed superannuation funds.

Have you considered how much you will need to fund your retirement lifestyle? The amount of super required for a comfortable retirement depends on each individual and the type of lifestyle they seek. To find out how much you need for retirement, speak with us today.

Transition to Retirement

If you are aged 57 or over, the transition to retirement strategy enables you to reduce the number of hours you work and supplement your income with payments from your pre-retirement superannuation pension. This would give you more time to do the things you want, while maintaining your lifestyle.

Alternatively, you could continue working but take advantage of the potential tax concessions on offer to boost your superannuation balance in the years before retirement.

To find out how the transition to retirement strategy could help improve your superannuation position.

Account Based Pension

An account based pension is an investment which pays you a regular and tax effective income in retirement. You invest money from a superannuation fund into an account based pension. The account based pension then pays you a regular income comprised of earnings and capital until your account runs out.

The annual income you choose must be at least equal to the Government’s prescribed minimum, based on your account balance.