Wealth Creation

Our investment advice can help you generate the long term return you require in order to achieve your lifestyle goals. Whether you have a lump sum to invest, wish to start a regular investment plan or make additional superannuation contributions, we can advise you on tax effective investment strategies, asset allocation and investment selection tailored to suit your individual goals, preferences and risk tolerance.

“Our investment philosophy is centred on providing investment advice to help you reliably generate long-term returns in order to achieve your lifestyle goals, whilst ensuring that investment risk, taxation and investment fees are all minimised” – Brown Macaulay and Warren Financial Services

To help us achieve this objective, we employ an investment philosophy which incorporates the following five  components:

1. The risks to an investment need to be actively managed.
Risks change over time… that’s why a ‘set & forget’ strategy can unnecessarily expose a portfolio to additional risks.
2. Buying quality assets at reasonable prices is the best way to achieve competitive long term returns.
Fads, exotic investments, and assets bought without regard for valuation are more likely to produce disappointment.
3. Investment management fees must be kept at low levels.

Paying high investment management fees can seriously detract from a portfolio’s  performance.

4. Portfolios should be managed to maximise after-tax result.
Focusing on pre-tax returns can have poor after-tax outcomes.
5. Your strategic financial investment plan should be designed to ensure you achieve your long term lifestyle goals while taking as little risk as possible.

We encourage you to take on the smallest amount of risk that you need to achieve your goals.