The History of Brown Macaulay & Warren


2018 marks the 70th anniversary of our firm in Gympie, firstly in Mary Street, before moving to our current location in the early 1990’s. Over that time we have seen numerous changes to our practice, and indeed the accounting industry altogether, from 18 column ledger books and card systems, to the modern accounting systems of today.  During this time, the firm has been known by several names:

1948 – 1960              Bentley, Shrapnel & Co,

1960 – 1981               Birch, Brown & Co,

1981 – 2000              Birch, Brown & Macaulay,

2000  – onwards     Brown, Macaulay & Warren

At this time we thank the hundreds of employees who have helped create the culture and philosophies that are the most essential part of our firm today, with a special thanks to the partners who have grown the firm, and given Jon and Gary the opportunities to continue the firm well into the future:

  •  Don Birch               •    Derek Brown              •    Damien Perissinotto
  •  Alan Birch              •    Cam Macaulay          •    Jaydon Bellingan
  • Gerald Brown          •    Barry Warren

We feel proud to have been part of this community for this long, with all partners in our history, and most staff being long term residents of the Gympie region, and often having grown up in the area. Most of our current staff have now been with us for around 10 years or longer, and while there is a  significant push in the accounting industry towards foreign outsourcing of accounting work, we don’t outsource any accounting work, and are committed to continue employing locals, providing them with the same opportunities that we have been fortunate enough to receive in the past.

Most of all, we thank all of you who have allowed us to help with your business and financial matters over the years. It is wonderful to be able to help you, especially those who have been with us for decades, or who are in many cases, second or third generation clients of the firm. We look forward to the next 70 years!